Ejuva Intestinal Cleanse Kits...

I am stocking and selling the Ejuva cleanse kits for a limited period only, so if you are interested I would recommend purchasing your kit now.

Ejuva is a 100% raw, 100% vegan, 100% gluten-free with 100% organic and or wildcrafted ingredients 30 day intestinal cleansing kit. Ejuva has over 90 raw, organic and wildcrafted ingredients that inspire the body to cleanse. 

Ejuva is not just a colon cleanse! Ejuva cleanses all the organs of the body as well as your tissue, your entire lymph system, your entire alimentary canal (from your throat to your rectum). And, it offers specific herbs for balancing your hormonal or endocrine system.

Ejuva also works to support the emotional side of cleansing with its vibrational elixir which contains plant oils and vibrational elixirs of gold, diamond, quartz, sapphire and amethyist.

The programme has been designed to be taken in 4 stages, each lasting approximately one week. By completing phases 1-4 in sequential order toxins are eliminated gradually and safely without placing too much stress upon the liver and kidneys; this gentle approach can reduce cleansing reactions. 

In each stage Ejuva herbs and shakes are ingested and gradually replace meals until during stage 4 no solid foods are eaten, just juices and the combination of herbs and shakes. You can pace the cleanse to suit your schedule, and need not complete stage 4, sticking with stage two or three a little longer instead if that feels better to you. When I first used Ejuva I never thought I would make it to stage 4, as it was I felt so fabulous by that stage that I wanted the cleanse to continue longer than the four weeks.

Ejuva is both the most gentle and the most intense herbal cleanse there is in that the amount of herbs you take can be adjusted to suit you. Begin with the recommended dosage and increase for a more intense result, decrease to reduce the effects and slow the cleanse, it is that simple.

Phase 1 - is the initial phase and prepares the body for deep cleansing. First time cleansers, toxic individuals, meat eaters, those with chronic diseases or physical problems start here. Even at this stage, old fecal and mucoid matter are expelled from the body. The herbs and shake are consumed once a day and three meals may be eaten per day.

Phase 2 - during this phase only two meals may be eaten per day, and the herb and shake consumption is increased to twice per day.

Phase 3 - only one meal may be eaten per day along with the herbs which are consumed 3 times per day. Many people elect to end their cleanse here.

Phase 4 - this is the most potent and final phase of the Ejuva Body Cleansing programme. No solid food is eaten during this phase, this phase is a juice fast consisting of fresh fruit and vegetable juices. The body cannot digest solid foodstuff and fully cleanse. The human body will always choose digestion over cleansing. Juicing still allows for cleansing and can provide energy and nutrition while cleansing. Juice fasting will allow your body to cleanse 24/7. The herbs and shake are consumed 4 times per day during this phase. This phase allows for maximum cleansing and detoxification and most report feeling their best while on this phase.

This Cleanse includes:

1 Power (350 tablets)
1 Balance (350 tablets)
1 Renew (250 tablets)
2 Combis (370 grams of powder to mix in your shake)
1 Moflora (25 Grams of Ejuva's proprietary blend of Human specific Probiotics)
1 Vibram (30ml of Vibrational Elixir)
1 CD (simple to follow Ejuva instructions)
2 Spoons (pre measured spoons for the Combi shake & Moflora)

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