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A bit about cleansing and why we need it:

Modern stressful lifestyles, excessive amounts of acid forming foods & environmental pollution cause mineral depletion, impairing perfect functioning of the body & its systems. The typical diet is deficient in many trace minerals & electrolytes, the body responds by producing huge amounts of mucous to protect itself from the acids created by this diet & lifestyle.  The mucous in turn holds toxins in place, as the body, overwhelmed by the effects of these lifestyle choices cannot process or eliminate these toxins. Poisons in our food, air & water will always cause internal toxicity in the blood, tissues & lymph - weakening immunity & causing degeneration & disease. Intestinal cleansing is the fastest & safest way to remove these huge quantities of toxins & poisons stored in the body bringing massive relief to the blood, lymph, glands & organs. At the same time old emotions that have been suppressed & stored are also cleared out - as we physically let go of stored toxins we mentally let go of negative emotions.

Our entire digestive tract & respiratory system is naturally lined with a mucous membrane, when this lining becomes irritated, sensitivities & allergies emerge as the body becomes unable to process the high levels of toxicity & thick impacted layers of mucous that have built. There are many symptoms of toxaemia (overload of toxins within the system) they can include:

allergies, sensitivities, eczema, asthma, fatigue, depression, anxiety, mood swings, irritability, depression, tiredness, chronic headaches, body pain, joint pain, joint & tissue inflammation, weak digestive system, bloating, indigestion, constipation, fungal infections & overgrowths, the list goes on & on...

It is impossible to avoid all the toxins & pollutants that modern life throws at us, therefore it is essential to detox if you want your body to be a healthy, efficiently running system that avoids niggling symptoms, disease, chronic degenerative conditions & premature aging.

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 A bit about parasites:

A parasite is an organism that lives off another organism. Parasites living within the human body will feed off our cells, energy and the food we eat. Studies have shown that between 85-95% of the North American population has at least one form of parasite. The problem, although widespread, often goes unrecognised. Most often your GP will overlook the possibility of parasite infestation when making a diagnosis, especially as parasites can mimic other disorders. They can affect tissue anywhere in the body and because they travel in the blood to any organ, the problems they cause are most often not recognised as parasite related. For example roundworm in the stomach may give the appearance of a peptic ulcer.

It is not only the parasite itself that causes damage to the body but the wastes they excrete which poison the body, over working the detox mechanisms, depleting nutritional reserves and weakening the immune system, resulting over time in disease development.

Common sources of parasite infection include: contaminated soil, fruits or vegetables, raw/ rare meat, pets, mosquito bites, contact with faeces (through care for others etc.), polluted water, contact with another who has parasites. Contributing to the parasite epidemic is the widespread use of immune suppressing drugs.

A dirty, impacted colon with a poor balance of bacteria will provide a perfect host for parasites. Factors that create this environment within the body include: repeated use of antibiotics, consumption of refined carbohydrates, steroids, birth control pills, Chlorinated water, stress, Mercury from dental fillings, poor digestion & elimination and radiation therapy.

Tests are only avaliable for 40-50 types of parasite when over 1000 kinds of parasite are known. Stool analysis is the conventional method for parasite detection but is far from definitive, especially, for example, if the parasites are in your heart or lungs as then they will not show in your stool!

Undetected parasites can contribute to:

  • Overgrowth of Candida Albicans

  • Chronic fatigue syndrome

  • Digestive complaints

  • IBS

  • Irritability/ nervousness

  • Persistent skin problems

  • Disturbed sleep

  • Anaemia

  • Muscle cramps

  • Joint pain

  • Teeth grinding

  • Sugar craving/ appetite disturbance

  • Allergies

  • Rectal itching

  • Brain fog

One way to help clear parasites from the system is to use an Ejuva cleanse (intestinal cleansing and rejuvenation kit). This will help clear away the accumulated layers of mucous from your intestines where parasites often make their home. Buy your Ejuva cleanse kit now!